Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Some good Clojure news, some bad Clojure news

So... first the bad news.

I've had to drop the Qt port of my little Clojure recruitment database. I was just hitting too many problems using Qt-Jambi and it was taking too long. The client needed a working database ASAP and I wasn't gonna get there. At the same time I also learned to use Apple's Core Data on Mac Os X 10.5 (which my client is running) and I managed to turn the bulk of the project around in an evening. It was one of those evenings where I couldn't sleep and in a way I am just glad to get the database out there and running - especially as "the client" is also my girlfrend :-)

The good news comes in two forms. One, getting the DB off my plate means I have more evening time to play with more interesting Clojure projects; two another Beta version of Stuart Halloway's book "Programming Clojure" came out. I intend to read some of the new chapters, particularly the one on Swing (which until now I have found clunky).

Friday, 9 January 2009

So, for fun, I did this little quiz:


Here are the results, I am sure you'll agree, shocking results. Who knew :-)

Your morality is 0% in line with that of the bible.

Damn you heathen! Your book learnin' has done warped your mind. You shall not be invited next time I sacrifice a goat.

Do You Have Biblical Morals?
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