Friday, 28 March 2008

Most intersting photo of mine on flickr.

Attention, originally uploaded by tealeg.

OK, I love this photo. It's from my old E1 with a Sigma 55-200mm lens. Still if I had a badger shot I'd have expected that to win.. this is a good substitute though :-)

2nd most intersting.

Blue water, originally uploaded by tealeg.

I guess.. though I wouldn't pick it.

3rd most interesting

Lens Time, originally uploaded by tealeg.

Rubbish - it's awful. Posting anything to the Canon G9 groups get's it a large number of hits, this happens to be interesing to Oly 410 users and users of legacy lenses as well, so it gets a lot of attention, but really this is not and interesting photo. Boooo.

4th most interesting

seagull_lampost, originally uploaded by tealeg.

A travesty - this isn't even a very good shot. It's here purely on the basis that is met the criteria required of several fairly active flickr groups.

5th most intersting

Somewhere to call home, originally uploaded by tealeg.

Suddenly became intersting when it was invited to be part of the a spinoff group from "the Blues" called "Best of the blues". I'm surpirsed but pleased that they like it so much.

6th most intersting

serious 4, originally uploaded by tealeg.

Actually I think this is one of the best shots I've taken recently, although there is one better one taken a second or too later that doesn't even register on Flickr's "interesting" scale - of course that seems to be down to it not matching the criteria required to post it to various groups - interestingness seems to have something to do with the broadness of attention a photo gets, not just the number of hits.

7th most intersting

You saw me standing alone, originally uploaded by tealeg.

Hmmm, maybe...

8th most ineresting

Schokolade, originally uploaded by tealeg.

Certainly not a better photo than the 9th..

9th Most intersting flickr photo

I cannot sleep here, originally uploaded by tealeg.

What makes this more interesting that the 10th? I dunno. I like this one better though so maybe they're on to something.

10th most interesting flickr picture

Meltdown, originally uploaded by tealeg.

I don't understand it but Flickr considers this to be my 10th most intersting picture. More to follow.