Sunday, 23 December 2007

A surprise

Playing around on my flickr account today I found about flickr stats. Now these stats to turn out to be mostly quite lame and predictable, but the one that caught my eye was the referal sources. In amongst a large number of hits from flickr itself and the main search engines there was a surprising 48 hits direct from (NSFW - stupid!). So, I do the honorable thing and visit the referencing page:


.. to see that low and behold one of my photos is indeed heading the blog entry and has infact been correctly attributed to me, but unfortunately they have suggested that they are using the image under the Creative Commons license.

So I'm a pretty liberal guy, and I really don't mind that they're using this image (that's sort of what the web's all about) - but it does slightly annoy me that they go to the extent of attributing the image to me and then claiming that it's under a license that it has never been issued under.

Still.. I wasn't expecting my name or work to turn up on a sex blog any time soon, so the world still has some surprises!

Monday, 17 December 2007

ikarus ascends

If you follow scheme or lisp news in even a passing fashion you can't have failed to notice the arrival of Ikarus Scheme, the nifty incremental, native scheme code compiler. It's an lovely new version of scheme based around R6RS. That means it supports a nice clean library system (standardised!) and scripting in the manner of Perl, Python and Ruby.

Though it lacks the maturity and library base you'd find in chicken or PLT, it's still a very attractive proposition, and the quality of the product thus far, combined with the nascent community feel around it has certainly got my spider sense tingling. As such I've done the noble thing and packaged it for my favourtite GNU/Linux distribution - Arch Linux.

You can find my package here:

Happy Hacking!